Mechanical Permits

When is a Mechanical permit required?

  • Install or change any part of a heating or cooling system, either electrical or that must be vented into any kind of chimney, including unvented decorative appliances.
  • Install a woodstove, fireplace insert, pellet stove or related venting.
  • Install, alter or repair gas piping between the meter or LPG tank and an appliance (indoors or outdoors).
  • Install bath fans, dryer exhausts, kitchen range exhausts and appliances that are required to be vented.

Can I do my own mechanical work?

You can do your own mechanical work on any building, except LPG piping or appliances.

Who can install LPG piping or appliances?

  • All companies and individuals working on LPG piping or appliances are required to be licensed with the Oregon State Fire Marshal.
  • Homeowners are NOT exempt from the State Fire Marshal licensing.
  • ANY person working on LPG must be licensed.

Who purchases the permit?

  • If you are doing your own work, you or a family member will need to purchase the permit, except if the work is for LPG.
  • If you are hiring a contractor, either you or the contractor may obtain the permit.  We suggest you require the contractor to obtain the permit, since the person applying for the permit is responsible for the work.
  • For LPG piping or appliances, only a company licensed by the State Fire Marshal may obtain the permit.

What are the permit fees?

  • Fees for commercial installations are based on the valuation of the mechanical project.
  • Fees for one and two-family installations are based on the number and types of appliances or gas piping that will be installed.
  • Permit fees are noted on the mechanical permit application form.
  • Permit fees must be paid when applying for the permit.

When is a mechanical plan review required?

  • There are no specific rules governing mechanical plan review requirements. It is the determination of the local jurisdiction (this office) to determine if a plan review is required.
  • A plan review will normally not be required for multi-family residential buildings and will never be required for a one or two-family dwelling.
  • A plan review will be required for commercial and industrial buildings, depending on the complexity of the building and mechanical system. This will normally be determined at the time of the structural permit plan review.
  • A plan review will be required for installation of a commercial kitchen hood.

When are inspections required and how do I get them?

  • Call 541-298-4461 for inspections.
  • Inspections are required prior to concealing any mechanical behind fixed construction.
  • Gas piping inspection and pressure tests are required prior to backfill or covering piping.
  • After work is completed and still open for inspection.