Plumbing Permits

When is plumbing permit required?

  • A replacement water heater.
  • Plumbing in all new installations.
  • Alter piping inside a wall or ceiling, or beneath a floor.
  • Emergency repair, alteration or replacement of freeze-damaged or leaking concealed piping, if new piping exceeds 3’.
  • Remodel or add on to your one or two-family dwelling when existing plumbing is to be relocated. This includes installation of building sewers, water service and exterior roof drains.
  • Replacement of any plumbing fixture, new toilet, sink etc, garbage disposal etc. whenever the plumbing piping is altered. Simple replacement of like-for-like fixtures will not require a permit.

Can I do my own plumbing work?

  • You can do your own plumbing work on your own residential building on your own premises.
  • All plumbing installations, alterations or remodeling in a commercial or industrial building shall be done by an Oregon licensed plumbing business, using appropriately licensed plumbers.

Who purchases the permit?

  • If you are doing your own work, you or a family member will need to purchase the permit.
  • If you are hiring a contractor, the contractor needs to obtain the permit.

What are the permit fees?

Permit fees are listed on the plumbing permit application form.

When is a plumbing plan review required?

This office requires plumbing plan reviews as stipulated by Oregon Administrative Rule 918-780-0040

When are inspections required and how do I get them?

  • Inspections may be requested at 541-298-4461. See our inspections page for further information. Inspections are required prior to concealing any plumbing, such as within walls, under a slab etc.
  • After work is completed and fixtures are in place.