Community Mediation Grant Increase

2005-6 planning pays off, literally. Rural programs across Oregon received a $15,000 increase (for the 2013-15 biennium) for Community Mediation Programs, bringing Six Rivers one step closer to the Statewide collaborative agreement of a $50,000 base funding per biennium (the 2013-15 grant process was approved in the Spring of 2013 at $26,000 for the biennium).

Efficient and Responsive Solutions to Statewide Issues

Community Mediation Programs work together to provide efficient and responsive solutions to address statewide issues as they arise. Drawing on the success of Dispute Resolution Centers (DRC) in the Fairness and Foreclosure Act of Washington State, DRC’s have made a reputation as a highly efficient network of conflict resolvers. Future Farmers of America (FFA) mediations managed through DRC’s, like Six Rivers, “have become the model for private practice mediators to live up to,” according to the Washington State Department of Commerce.