Friendly Visitor Program and Respite Funding Available

Melissa HowtopatOPI Coordinator

Melissa Howtopat
OPI Coordinator

Seniors can become isolated due to illness, mobility problems, or a lack of local family. By becoming a Friendly Visitor volunteer, you can help an older person stay socially active and in turn stay in his or her own home.

The need for Friendly Visitor volunteers is only going to grow based on our regional demographics. The number of older people in America is increasing rapidly, with populations of those 65 and older– and, more critically, age 85 and over—projected to double by 2030.

It is a proven fact that human contact is needed for people to thrive. Could you be that nurturing contact to a senior? Call 541-298-4101 to volunteer now!

National Family Caregiver Support Program Respite Funding Available

Are you caring for an adult 60 years of age or older?

Are you at least 55 or older and raising a grandchild or grandchildren?

Respite, a temporary break from caregiving duties, can make a world of difference in helping family caregivers maintain the stamina needed to continue the important work that they do to keep loved-ones at home.

Respite care providers are chosen by and give the family caregiver a short-term relief to prevent burnout of the caregiver as well as support during periods when the main caregiver is not present. The service focuses on the needs of the family caregiver, giving them the time to care for their own needs and pursue activities essential to maintaining a healthy, well-balanced life.

Respite services are available to grandparents who are legal and full time primary caregivers raising grandchildren, priority is given to care of children with developmental disabilities.

Funding of the program is provided through the local Area Agency on Aging.

To learn more about the National Family Caregiver Support Program and its services call Melissa Howtopat at Area Agency on Aging 541-298-4101 or 1-888-316-1362.