From the Desk of a Job Developer

By Marilyn Richardson, MCCOG JOBS Developer

Clients participating in MCCOG’s JOBS Program are required to volunteer with an employer 20 hours per week. This program is designed to give clients experience and to help them get a job. The goal is to place clients in a work experience setting where they will receive training and gain relevant work experience to add to their resume, obtain a positive reference or recommendation. Clients are matched up with the type of work of their choice as often as possible. They volunteer at a worksite for a period of four to six months. When they are nearing the end of their work experience, I meet with them weekly to help them job search for paid employment. During the past 11 months, MCCOG has placed 49 clients. Forty-three percent (43%) or 21 of them have been hired either by the worksite or by another employer.