Learn To Live Well

By Shirley Ludlow, Outreach Specialist AAA

The Area Agency on Aging (AAA) has partnered with Living Well With Chronic Conditions to provide a class developed by Stanford University, to motivate people and teach them how to take control of their health and their lives. Classes have been taught by trained volunteers in all five of our counties.
Success stories amass as the classes unfold!
One client, after finding the “tools” was able to communicate better with her health care provider and took charge of her healthcare.
Participants learn how to make an “action plan,” set reasonable goals, meet those goals, and tap into the enthusiasm of accomplishing something!

Goals such as:

• Controlling eating habits
• Improving living conditions
• Learning how to use a computer
• Exercising regularly
• Trimming trees
• Painting a room
• Learning how to relax and let go of stress
• Learning how to “agree to disagree” (communicate more effectively)
• Sharing accomplishments
• Learning how to REALLY LIVE a productive life with simple tools like breathing right, taking care of YOU, monitoring your medications carefully, pacing yourself, and LAUGHING–a lot!
Explore an upcoming Living Well class to take charge of your life.

We need more volunteer leaders! Trainings are held regularly throughout the state; if interested in being a leader or a participant, please call Shirley at 541-993-1802. You’ll be glad you did!