New Building Codes Processing System

Stephanie Ziegler (front) Direct Services Manager & and Darris Welch – Gracia (rear) Program Assistant

Stephanie Ziegler (front)
Direct Services Manager
& Darris Welch – Gracia
Program Assistant

Our office is working with the State Building Codes Division in developing and training for a new e-permitting processing system to take the place of our current system. One result of the change is that the public can track their permits, inspections online and contractors will be able to pay for some permits online, rather than through our office. We expect the new online e-permitting processing change to be made this spring or early summer.n response to changes in State rules, Building Codes is proposing some minor fee changes to the MCCOG Board for consideration in an effort to maintain compliance with the State.

The changes are as follows.

  • Eliminating the $15 fee for residential mechanical permit issuance. This won’t have a significant impact on the actual permit fees, since the $50.00 minimum will still be in place;
  • The mechanical medical gas fee will be changing from a flat rate of $219 plus $1.00 per fixture to $225.00 for the 1st $10,000, plus $1.50 /$100 over $10,000;
  • We are proposing a fee of $50.00 for processing and maintaining the paperwork for each agricultural farm exemption. These rates will be intended to take place when the new State e-permitting permit processing system takes effect.

There are still several on-line training courses highlighted on Building Code Division’s website. These are available at
These self-paced classes are available to you online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Chemeketa Community College. You can decide if you want to take the whole course, usually somewhere between 3 and 8 hours long, in one session or come back to the class several times to finish the work. Each course costs $35 dollars.

These include:

  • The New Chapter 11 Accessibility Provisions
  • Manufactured Dwelling Code Change Course
  • The 2011 Legislative Session Law Changes Affecting Building Codes

Oregon Building Officials

A summary of signed 2012 bills is available on OBOA’s website- www.

Code Changes

The State Building Codes Division is working on code changes for the Structural and Mechanical specialty codes, intended to take effect in Spring of 2014. Information is available on their website at