Options Counseling

Do you, your spouse or loved one need to find local resources and services?

Knowing your options will help empower you to live as independently as possible while getting the help you need..
Call Oregon’s Aging and Disability Resource Connection. Our professional staff will walk you through the process of finding available services.

This service is available to all seniors, people with disabilities, families and caregivers.
The service is free.
Call 1-855-ORE-ADRC (673-2372).

When you call:

  • A professionally trained staff member will talk with you about your available options based on your needs and individual circumstances. For example, you may need to know your options for bringing help into the home for bathing, dressing and housekeeping; family and caregiver support; resources to stay healthy; Medicare counseling.
  • After we have discussed all the options, you will make your own informed decision about the services you may want and need. We can also help you set up the services you select.
  • We will follow up to make sure the services you selected are working for you.