Oregon Project Independence(OPI)

Melissa HowtopatOPI Coordinator

Melissa Howtopat
OPI Coordinator

Oregon Project Independence provides in-home personal care and or homemaker services to eligible individuals through the use of state- approved home care workers. The personal care that Oregon Project Independence (OPI) funding provides includes assistance with activities of daily living (eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, and/or transferring) and homemaker services, which include assistance with instrumental activities of daily living (preparing meals, shopping, managing money, using the telephone, or doing light housework).OPI Case Study
Miss Imigg is not eligible for Medicaid because of a small savings she has . Her monthly income from social security is just $534.00. Ms. Imig has an illness that makes it impossible for her to exert herself and do the necessary housekeeping that will keep her living environment healthy.
Since becoming an OPI client, Ms. Imig has reported not only a reduction in overall stress but an improvement in her overall health as well. She said that she is eating more nutritiously and is able to rest and regenerate which is critical for her health. The former stress of not being to care for herself created a great deal of anxiety because she feared that her inability to do the cleaning would send her back in the hospital and contribute to the rapid decline of her health.

If her OPI services were to be cut, she said that she would likely have to use all of her savings to pay for her health care through a private provider (which can be up to $25 an hour) in order to qualify for Medicaid. Eventually she will be in an assisted living facility, which will cost an average of $1,800 per month.

This particular client is an example of how the OPI program not only makes it possible for people to remain in their own homes and prevents the burden of housing costs being put on the state, but can also prevent additional medical expenses and reduces the burden on the Medicare system as well. Improving the mental health through the removal of certain stressors of the client affects every aspect of her life.