Recycling Center Distributes over 500 Computers to Local Schools

Recycling Center Distributes over 500 Computers to Local Schools
The Students Recycling Used Technology Program (StRUT) at MCCOG provides technology education, resources, and recycling to schools across Oregon. Generous donations from the public, corporate and organizational sponsors keep coming in. We can’t keep our doors open without them.

StRUT receives donated, reusable technology. Working with companies such as Google, Intel, Symantec, and OHSU, the program takes donated reusable technology equipment and redeploys it for use in schools.

  • Last fall StRUT distributed over 500 computers to member schools.
  • The Hood River Valley school system is overhauling 120 StRUT computers for the benefit of their technology lab and returning the replaced units to StRUT for recycling.
  • Students from Burns High School trekked to StRUT to help break down recycling and took the opportunity to visit The Dalles Google Data Center.
  • StRUT is on pace with its 500,000 pounds of recycling goal for the 2013-2014 year.
  • StRUT’s gross revenue has been steadily increasing over the last 6 months and on track for stability and growth.
  • StRUT has a new database to help us keep track of donations and recycling revenue. We can track a system unit through all its various uses to the end of its life.