StRUT Success


Marty Willie
StRUT Program

The Students Recycling Used Technoloy (StRUT) change-over of parent organizations from Columbia Gorge ESD to Mid-Columbia Council of Governments officially began on July 1, 2012. This was a challenging time, as we didn’t have any students or teachers around to assist with processing recycle, which is StRUT’s primary source of funding. However, we did have our faithful volunteer, Miles Galbreath.

Miles began volunteering with the StRUT program in May, 2012, while the program was still with Columbia Gorge ESD, and in August, Miles began his Jobs Plus contract with the StRUT program. milesMiles’ goal was to help the StRUT program, and hopefully, become employed with StRUT after his Jobs Plus contract expired at the end of February. During the past 6-months, Miles has helped process over 170,000 pounds of donations, and is always willing to take on new challenges to ensure the smooth operation of the StRUT warehouse. Realizing that Miles is invaluable to the StRUT program’s continued success; StRUT recently offered Miles a full-time position after his Jobs Plus contract expires.

Another StRUT success story…

One of StRUT’s biggest challenges, partly because of our location at the old Petersburg School, is maintaining enough volunteers to process all of the donations we receive from large companies. In December we met with staff from NORCOR Juvenile Center in hopes of reaching an agreement to have their youth visit StRUT on a regular basis to help with processing recycle, and provide them with work experience and training opportunity fit for NORCOR and for StRUT program and the partnership has been going strong for over a month and provides a win-win opportunity for both NORCOR and StRUT. NORCOR youth must meet strict benchmarks while at the NORCOR Juvenile Center to earn the privilege of visiting StRUT.

Field trips and other public activities are limited during the NORCOR work times at StRUT.