JOBS and JOBS Plus

Helping People on Public Assistance Train For and Obtain Employment

JOBS (Job Opportunity and Basic Skills) for Oregon’s Future is a program offered through an on-going partnership with the Department of Human Services

Participants must qualify for the TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) cash assistance program. (

JOBS provides additional employment assessment, training in workplace basics, job training, work-search assistance and family-stability services such as alcohol and drug treatment and domestic-violence intervention.

JOBS Plus provides the opportunity to learn and improve a variety of skills while earning a paycheck. Participants work with a community employer for up to six months.

Benefits include the opportunity to learn new skills, gain a current work history and job references. An additional benefit is the Individual Education Account where the employer sets aside up to $800 for future training or schooling.

For more information on JOBS or JOBS Plus contact Donitta Booth at