Employer Services

Helping Local Employers find Skilled, Reliable Employees.

Mid-Columbia Council of Governments is committed to working with local employers to help build workforce skills.  MCCOG offers employers a variety of services including; pre-employment training, on the job training, continuous trainee development, rapid response, and other services.

To list a job or find a worker, create an iMatchSkills profile (through our partner, the Oregon Employment Department) to match your job requirements to qualified candidates.

The MCCOG Workforce Development Program can be your trainer, recruiter and your interviewer!

We offer the following to your business free of charge.

Pre-Employment Training

Pre-employment training helps unemployed or underemployed individuals learn the necessary skills to fill specific high growth, high demand jobs in their communities.  Information about the types of training workers in their area are receiving are available to employers as well as the resumes of workers who are completing their training in a specific field.

On the Job Training

MCCOG provides reimbursement of up to 50% of trainee’s wages during training period with goal of unsubsidized employment. On the job training gives employees the opportunity to learn skills beyond what is available through pre-employment training.

MCCOG staff maintains contact with both the employee and employer during training period to ensure a successful transition.

Rapid Response Assistance

On-site transition services and information to employees affected by lay-off. MCCOG Career Development Specialists will be on-site to sign workers up for services and to answer questions. Rapid Response can be arranged with little notice in an effort to get information to employees as quickly as possible.

*All services are subject to funding availability.