Youth Services Networking Mission

Shelly Rabinowitz, MCCOG Advisor/Instructor

Shelly Rabinowitz
MCCOG Advisor/Instructor

Another important part of MCCOG’s overall effort is focused on youth training. Students enrolled in the Youth Services Program are assigned to a workforce Advisor who works one-on-one with them to reach for academic success and a strong transition into the workforce.  They are given real world views into area businesses so they can see “people at work” outside of the classroom setting and hopefully diffuse their fears of getting their first jobs.

A recent group of youth went on a “networking mission” which included a tour of Copa Advisor PhotoDi Vino at the Sunshine Mill. The intent of this activity was to tour and develop an understanding of the production process. The facility currently employs a number of younger workers who are peers of some of the participants. In this type of tour students can see first-hand some of the skills necessary to succeed in a job. They can see peers at work enjoying successes in the real world.  The tour was  informative and valuable for participants.  Several were truly inspired in their job search and within a week of the tour, two participants landed a job.

MCCOG is interested in finding more businesses willing to open their doors for brief tours and to help improve the work readiness of our youth.   Please contact Shelly at 541-298-4101 or 541-386-6300 for more information on how your business can participate.